Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catwalking Nuns

Believe me, nuns can't get anymore crazier once they've applied to join an online nun beauty pageant. Nuns? Apart from their usual contrasting uniform and the occasional athletic nun outfit -I don't think so any nun would want to wear tight latex miniskirts or a babydoll with a headress on.

It seems I was wrong, eh? Reverend Antonio Rungi from Italy started Miss Sister 2008 for any nun with wireless internet at the chapel. Eventhough the Associate of Catholic people opposed the idea of nuns ripping each other's headresses for the winner title, they think that there is nothing wrong with it at all - even with these kind of non-nun outfits we see on the Internet.

Just look at her, will ya? I have a feeling that chaos would be unveiled once these nuns start donning clothes from Paris Hilton's signature store..

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