Friday, September 5, 2008

Livin' High Up In The Sky

Apartment Life. That's it. An all-new way to look at your homes made its way to the market, being realeased just before Q4 starts. No more boring old normal-type homes, we can all live in the top floor and stomp on the neighbors below. In this game you can become a witch! And there is also the all-famous San Francisco Painted Ladies townhouses in the game, although I doubt very much that it resembles anything like the Burj Dubai. And oh - a trailer park too! Whoopee,
rednecks ahoy.

Talking about apartments - which happened to be my favorite type of house, I'd like to share with you guys a few other cool stuff that you can put in an apartment. A
real-life apartment. C'mon guys, sometimes a geek just got to revisualize his own natural habitat.

Have you heard of the Bloomframe? It's a retractable balcony which looks like a window when closed and a balcony when open. How very cool is that?

Whoever said you can't have a BBQ on the 10th floor? With this Bruce BBQ set, you can have a BBQ anywhere you want as long as it has a railing. Wonder if it'll work on stair railings?

Lately a lot of high-end upmarket apartments have included car elevators that take your car directly to your doorstep at the 17th floor. Very thoughtful, and dumb. I have a fascination for automatic parkings and car elevators, but wouldn't that annoying Hummer living above leaving for work be annoying especially when it revs its V8 engine every morning?

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