Sunday, November 2, 2008

Life Snippets #7: Happy Birthday To Me!

So, on the 1st of November, I turn fifteen. So me and my friends went out today. Actually it was yesterday, because it's already 3:08 AM now. But it still feels like today because I haven't slept yet. And while I am still awake, I am still the birthday boy so I make my own rules, suckers!

I woke up bright and early to get a head start in GTA IV on my new PlayStation 3. I gave Hazim a wake-up call at 10:30AM so he will move his lazy ass off the bed and be the birthday boy's chaffeur to the mall. We arrived at the mall at noon, only to realise that the girls have only left their homes, despite them saying they will come earlier to pick up the booked movie tickets. I ended up getting the tickets myself. Michelle called me saying that she and Abi had arrived and we told them to wait at the Halloween event at the ground floor. Me and Hazim, having played numerous FPS/TPS and stealth games, stealthily moved between stalls, store mannequins and giant pillars and ornamental plants to ambush the girls. We were planning to scare them from behind, but when we saw that a store clerk of a Halloween store was offering the girls a dare to open a mini-toilet seat, we were stunned. I dare not open the toilet lid. You know why?
Toilet Bowl = Water = (Dirty) = IN YOUR FACE!

Then we left the place for the cinema. We crashed in to the snack counter. I ordered a large salted popcorn (
I HATE CARAMEL!) and a large coke plus a corn-in-a-cup. The rest bought either drinks or popcorn, but not both. Apparently they are all on a diet stint. We entered the the screening hall and got ourselves seated. We were a noisy bunch, apparently. We kept fussing about seat numbers. Not me. I said, "Who the hell cares? If there's a single seat left at the end, no one will sit there because no one goes to the movies alone."

The Thai movie "
The Coffin" is starting. A woman and a man joins a traditional ritual which is apparently Buddhist (the presence of a large central Buddha statue). Around the Buddha statue are hundreds of coffins.. brand new, no ghosts. All the participants are to be laid down in the coffins while holding their name cards and a bunch of flowers with a posed hand. Then the palm is tied up and the lid is closed. And the rest is boring stuff I am not interested in elaborating.

My job in the cinema is to give
witty comments and views on each scene, just to spice the quiet audience up. Well, my group at least. They have a sense of humor and accepts and embraces sarcasm well into their lives but only I and I only have the nuts to joke around in a cinema screening a Thailand horror movie.

Overall the whole movie is
absolut shite. No offence, but Thai people suck at making movies. The acting was quite bad. And they are using pseudo-American English slang. The whole movie is practically in English, which kinda kills the Thailand setting. The only native language spoken here are by people you know are not capable of handling English, such as the Cremate-O-Matic operator cum coffin stacker cum wizening, old, actor.

The ending was quite as predicted. Not quite a good finishing.Or should I say, terrible. No, LAME. Because I am a civilised, liberal person, I gave a weary clap towards the comatose actors on the screen. We quickly busted out of the cinema. We went to MPH Bookstore to meet up with Rezman, who came later to avoid horror movies
(You scared?). We entered U Parkson and I rushed to the LEGO section. Sad that they still had the same stock, I went over to the board games section, which I liked too. The girls bought me Boggle, which I like as well because it testes my Ivy League certified grammatical brain. We then walked about half a mile to the other side of the mall to eat pizza at Pizza Hut.

I ate the most of the food. Enough said about food. I paid about 3/4 of the bill because I had no small change so I extorted money from my friends. Then we went back to the Halloween event to find that there were cosplayers now. There is even a Joker! And also a mini-Joker who looked about nine. And there is also a couple of
Grim Reapers. We took time to camwhore with the deadly beings. And not to mention we took pictures of us all.
This is me and Death. The axe is my own.
This is me and Rez.
This is me and Michelle, albeit blurry.
This is me and Hazim.
Abi is the one on the left. I am too tired to edit this picture.

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