Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life Snippets #13b: PMR Results OUT!

So today, on the 30th December of 2008, most of us third formers in Malaysia woke up in cold sweat and had to be frog-marched into the car by your dad.. and slowly walk with your head down towards the school entrance like a bunch of Mormons at a burial ceremony. Me? Nah - I ain't like that. I always keep things cool, althought I like to over-exaggerate occasionally just to get into the mood of everyone else around me HAH.

So I woke up like a normal holiday day.. and played some
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on my PlayStation3.. and then went into the Asiasoft's MapleStory forum where a bunch of players including me who took PMR are discussing about what marks they're gonna get and what time they can get theirs.

So here I am, at school. As I walked towards the entrance I saw a bunch of other kids that had taken their results.. you can tell easily how they did in the exams. A person who is jumping around gleefully or chattering on the phone with a happy grin (probably bragging to their friends from other schools). The one's that didn't get any A's at all would walk out with a stoned face.. and their mother would walk beside him
with a stoned face, too.

So I ran up to the hall where emotions ran high among the 50 or so students present at that time. Some that were from the top classes were having a friendly but heated discussions or comparing their marks with each other. Some were sobbing, one was crying in her mom's shoulders.

I stood in front of my class counter and Pn. Nurhayati, my class teacher for two years in a row, had me sign my name first before revealing my result slip. My blur side got the better of me as I didn't notice I only managed a squiggle for a signature, thanks to teacher for pointing it out. Man, what was I doing? And then, the teacher started to fold the paper out towards me.. and it shows..

Bahasa Melayu: B (So shameful lar, I'm a Malay also can't get an A!)
Bahasa Inggeris: A (Dude if I ever get lower than A for English imma shoot someone.)
Mathemathics: A (Shocking! I was sweating and constipating throughout the paper! OMG!)
Science: A (T'was easy for me, heheh.)
Sejarah: A (Wow, is this even possible? I haven't gotten an A on this for 2 years!)
Geografi: A (I know I will get A here as my geographical knowledge is 1337)
KHB Perdagangan dan Prinsip Perakaunan: B (No comment..)
Pendidikan Islam: B (Well I thought I got a C because it wasn't easy.. but yeahh!)

Pendidikan Islam Fardu Ain: Lulus (This was expected.. duh!)

So cut the crap short and I got 5 A's and 3 B's, and a Lulus (Pass) for my Fardu Ain. What is Fardu Ain, you ask? Well every year of the high school year we use a book which teaches us the practices of a Muslim which you must memorize and recite back to the teacher, or have to perform in under the guidance and eye of the teacher, which only applies once or twice throughout a year's study. I find this program to be extremely useful.

Later Hazim arrived and Azrai fled the scene at the sight of him. It turns out that Azrai only got 3 A's like urhh. Heheh but I got that 5 A's you talked about, you bastard! ^__^ Hazim received a spankin' 6 A's.

Hazim followed me home to play PlayStation 3. We played some PS3 and then Irfan came along. He had come to see my PS3 as well.
We were busy battling mercenaries and mutated Spaniards and Nazis which possess superhuman strength and speed in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

And guess what? I completed the game just now! I only had the game for three days, damn it. But tell you what - the gameplay is really immersive and the art direction as well as motion capture, not to forget the details and scenery. I don't have the heart to tell my mum that I have done playing a PlayStation 3 game which was only bought 3 days ago and costs RM150 (which is relatively cheap for a PS3 game)

Later I let the other two try my
Guitar Hero: World Tour and then my mom wanted to go to One Utama so I followed her, and so did Hazim. Went to Carl's Jr afterwards for a munch. A huge munch.

And now, I am half-blogging and half-packing. Tomorrow, I am going on a 2-day mountain biking trip in Pahang. That post is reserved on the next one, readers, so ride on!

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