Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Really English Vacation

To commemorate my arrival in Malaysia back from London, to do something special but not special for this 80th blog post, and also to purposely invoke jealousy (admit it, I didn't even write anything about my trip yet and you're already planning to wage war against me).

  1. Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios - very fun.
  2. Legoland Windsor - nice!(not to mention Britney Spears sighting there!)
  3. Eiffel Tower - it's really tall!
  4. Oxford Street - Shopping artery of central London.
  5. The London Dungeon - scary attraction with live actors and props!
  6. Buckingham Palace - boring guards.
  7. Hyde Park - peaceful area in the middle of the city.. really nice!
  8. EuroStar - fast train that takes you to Paris via Channel Tunnels
  9. Fish n Chips - certainly unbeatable! It's soo.. nice :P
  10. Candy - just how many Jelly Babies did I consume?
  11. Tube - Try not to stray into wrong network lines!
  12. Stamford Bridge - Chelsea's Home Stadium! I took the tour there :D
So that's the main points of my 2 week trip there.. in case I'd want to elaborate more, I might as well write a damn book and make money out of it.

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