Saturday, August 8, 2009

Free Physics Tuition

Now every Thursday, my class has a free Physics tuition class after school. It appears that the inhabitants of my class suck at Physics, including me. On Thursdays school ends at 1.10pm and the class starts at 2.30pm. That's 1 hour and 20 minutes of free time! For some people it's total bore because they're too scared to leave school and walk around malls for abit before returning back for class. All they have to do is eat lumpy school canteen food :(

As for me, my trusted bicycle store is right nearby! After school me, Brian and Adrian headed of the bike shop. I brought my Commencal on that day. The brake cable clips on the top tube appears to have dropped/picked off, so the cables are really loose and hanging with no support. Johnny, the bike store owner gladly gave me a few zip ties to save my bike. Now it's El Neato!

Also, I got Brian his birthday present.. a bicycle repair/parking stand. He's getting a new expensive bike this weekend so it's only appropriate that I got him something to add with. As you can see, mountain bikes don't use a tongkat.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hari Koko 2009

On Friday our school had a Hari Koko, in which uniformed organizations take part in to showcase their skills. There are the Pengakap, KRS, PBSM, Pandu Puteri, Kadet Polis, Taekwondo, Karate, Silat, Wushu and that's about as much as I can remember unless that's all.

KRS bagged the top spot, obviously. I personally like the Silat performance. That's all I have to say.

+ photos on Facebook album link would be updated another time.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sonic Gear Evo 3nity

Today I followed my mom to Tesco because she wanted to buy a washing machine to use while our current one is rosak, and also to buy a Nokia N70 Music Edition. Not being fair to me, I grabbed a speaker set and placed it in the trolley. Hey, what could I do - it was too frickin' cheap! It was only RM50 (after Tesco discounts it). Hmm RM50 AFTER discount.. that is the normal LowYat price! But who cares, you'd probably spend more money on petrol than any savings.

It's a Sonic Gear Evo 3nity! I felt like trying out a stupidly cheap surround sound system, but Tesco doesn't have any long audio extension cables (which I need to place some speakers behind me) and the speaker set is already inside the basket. Too much energy will be wasted to carry the thing back to the shelf. Anyway, it's a 2.1 channel audio rating and comes with a standard subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The 'woofer is now under my desk (with my legs resting on it) and the two satellites are wedged beside the monitor.

The sound isn't as good as my Logitech X-240, but when combined just pushes it up to 'Okay'. Perhaps I should have gotten an RM500 set like Altec Lansings, or if I double up the ante I'd get Razer Mako!

Rating: 5/10

Gotong Royong

Today my school had gotong royong (cleaning up day) because tomorrow there is Hari Koko and there'll probably be some important guests expected. Each class has a max of 6 people cleaning it. Me, Jian Ming, Brian, Chuan Yew, Belle and Najwa stayed in class to clean it up.. first the rusty fans, then the very dusty windows, an effortful attempt to remove marken pen shit drawn on desks, the transporting of broken chairs and tables to the Dump Site, the filling up of wall holes with newspaper and covering it up with sugar paper, the pasting of newspaper cutouts and articles on the boards surrounding, the sweeping of the floor, the rubbing off paint spots that some asshats spilt on the floor, and heat we endured when the block's electricity failed. Yeah, that many things happened.

How very tiring! But still had fun to slide across hallways. Eh? Pour some turpentine on cement floors and slide your way across. People walking about the school. And the last thing I have to say about this topic is..

.. there's a headless wooden giraffe laid to rest at the dump site. RIP.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update for the past week?

I have only done so much to update my nearly dead blog. I'm too busy doing other things such as online gaming, online window browsing, online nose-picking, spending my money and learning C++ programming language.

Instead of waiting a bit more to buy a Razer gaming mouse I blew off my money on a pair of Philips headphones and CyberClean, a sort of gel that absorbs dirt and kills germs. Example: My keyboard is full of biscuit crumbs, dead ants that I accidentally squished while in an intense gaming session, and dust. I slap the CyberClean gel between the keys and voila! All the crap are gone!

CyberClean is on sale now at ThinkGeek, the world's leading geek item online store. I now use my CyberClean on my phone, my PSP, my camera, almost anywhere my CyberClean slime ball can fit. It reminds me of the Thinking Putty.

I came across this wonderful cleaning substance when I read an article in The Star reviewing this. Then I went on ThinkGeek and it was on sale there too. Feeling beat, I went to All IT Hypermart and saw it for sale for about RM19.90.. what to do, just buy lah! Grabbed a pair of headphones I needed too.