Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Azrai!

Birthday boy's birthday was yesterday on July 6. But we celebrate today, because it's a school day :D and we can easily force people to come.
Anyway, I'm uploading some pics so here you go, just so that other bloggers that attended his small gathering can
steal my pics! Just you dare.

The Cake

half-eaten cake.

The group of people that is celebrating His Royalti-ness's Birthday.

Birthday Boy doing some schoolwork on his
birthday. What the hell?

Our resident Blitzerz cheerleader can eat while doing a
split! Cool!

Me eating a piece of the Black Forest cake.

Daniel Fong
running out after learning that all the cake has gone xD

We were the last to leave.

Again and again Happy Birthday to Azrai bla bla bla okay that'
s not funny so BYE!

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