Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Review - Rambo IV

Rambo IV Movie Review

Rambo, here I come. This movie was real sweet. The best parts in this movie are of course the killing parts. I love it when Rambo and the mercenaries shoot down those armed force soldiers working under Burma's Junta big boy - Than Shwe. I love it when 'Schoolboy' shoots a turret-man on a boat on the head with a sniper rifle - the head
exploded upon impact with the bullet and the man was left headless with blood squirting at several points of the neck. I know, I'm a weird guy, right? Yeah, whatever. I have a friend who has a severe obsession to HORROR movies. Why would you wanna watch something if you know you're gonna change your pants twice through the movie? Just kidding. But really, I don't fancy horror movies much. I prefer movies containing combat, comedy, romance, and practically almost any other movie. Back to the review. The movie also has alot of torturing and deeply sympathetizing parts. Like the parts when the army invaded a village thought to be associated with the opposing Karen rebellious group. The army shot down the man, raped the woman, hanged people on the ceiling of their own homes, and take the young boys to be recruited into the summer camp* of their lives. The best part is at the end when Rambo thrusted a knife straight into the stomach of an army survivor who attempted to escape - the looked at the man straight into the eyes and disemboweled him. (To you who doesn't know what this means, let's put this way.. disembowel - to cut open the stomach and reveal and/or take out the insides)

The verdict? 8.5/10 - I bet Sylvester Stallone's happy.

Not bad. This movie, according to IMDB and RottenTomatoes, has a total of 260+ kills throughout the movie. And on average basis, 3.2 people are killed every minute. But because you're not dumb, there are of course a lot of minutes where no killing is involved, and I'm sure there was a minute in which more than 50 people were shot down with the horrendrous RATATATATA sound of a Ak-47 or a
machine gun.

*summer camp? I mean, army bootcamp with deluxe whipping sessions and alot of bloodshed.


Anonymous said...

Horror movies rock!!! XD

TM said...

TM: Am I that friend who has a severe obsession to HORROR movies? Haha. I love horror & violence!!

Afiq Feisal said...

Apparently, yes.