Monday, July 21, 2008

Movie Review - 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Movie Review

Following the norm for movie adaptations of classic literature books such as this one by Jules Verne, I was expecting the movie to show Professor Lidenbrock and his nephew Axel chasing some dinosaur ass ever since Arne Saknussemm who claimed to have found a passage to the the center of the Earth through the volcanic shaft of Snaeffelsjokull in Iceland. Instead, it shows a volcanologist who is strangely familiar. You guys wanna see how I rant about this guy? Here goes. Not long ago, when word of the Mummy 3 came out (Mummy 3, as in the latest one coming out soon) I began to re-watch some crappy VCDs of Mummy 1 and Mummy 2 and you know, the protagonist of the story is Brendan Fraser. Months later, here I am sitting, looking at pointless Carlsberg advertisements and DiGi promotions on the cinema screen (about to watch the movie I am going to review on), when the Mummy 3 trailer started playing. I was like, OMG, it's HIM again! T.T There is a quote in the trailer in which Brendan commented 'Here we go again' as he is about to shoot, in which I nodded, 'Yeah, here we go again, hey, do we have replacement actors?'. 2 minutes later, Brandon Fraser is AGAIN, the protagonist of.. Journey to the Center of the Earth. I mean, he's a good actor, but it seems like he's in every single movie involving kicking some dead man's butt, beheading a already beheaded skeleton, or running from strange creatures that are no longer existing in this tiny tiny world. Brendan Fraser also plays dumb alot in this movie. He is always almost falling into a stupid trap, say, a bottomless pit, and as always the female heroine of the movie will save him. (Thanks, Hannah, you certainly don't want Hollywood's most seen actor to die, eh?)

Then, theres the little kid played by Josh Hutcherson. (That blingo from R.V.) He's only 13 and he seems to be like 16 or something in typical Malaysian standards. Why is it that Americans mature and grow so fast? Uh.. back to the actor. He has a PSP like me, he's using Google high up in the clouds on an aeroplane, and he tries to use a cellphone in a dark cave, which in turn is in a remote area unconnected to the civilized part of Iceland. He's okay, I guess. Nothing much to say 'bout him. Off yer go, kid, back to yer mummy. (OMG, see, mummy, I used the word again, mummy=Brendan Fraser)

Then, there's Anita Briem who plays the lady Hannah, daughter of some dead Icelandic bloke. She's more like the heroine of the story, I lost count of how many times the saved the Brendan Fraser bloke. I don't remember much about her, I guess I must have been poisoned by the caramel popcorn. Not literally, I just seem to prefer salted popcorns.

Then, there's the poor farmer at the end of the movie. His farm has a straight shaved line after the trio slided down the volcano in a dinosaur skull. To compensate, the guy played by Josh H gave the guy and uncut pure diamond.. in which the farmer gave him a dirty piece of Italian vegetable.

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