Monday, August 18, 2008

Charge Your Gadgets with Your Tie

You're at the annual conference about some new underwear invention. You're bored. You're dying to finish the last mission on
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories on your PSP. While the conference is going on. You realise that your battery is almost dead and there are no socket outlets under your seat. What do you do? Here's what you do.

Excuse yourself for a moment by saying you want to go to the toilet. Why toilet, you ask? You're not going there! Instead, take a stroll outside the building sporting your
Solar Powered Neck Tie and embrace the heat in full glory to recharge your PSP. Apparently, a team of researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a neck tie with solar panels on it. One problem, though - they're hard to tie in knots, with all that photovoltaic panels on it. Maybe a clip-on would do.

I wonder how are they gonna wash it?

Found on EliteChoice

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