Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Microsoft - Mega Post

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7, the one that will hopefully be better than the dipshit Vista I am currently using right now. (Screenshots realeased shows it looks
suspiciously like Vista). What about it? Their engineering team consists of 1000 people spread over 25 teams! Wowee! I wonder how many of the 1000 would actually care about bug fixes?

Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Most of us here are probably using IE7 and some of you
old timers maybe IE6, except for me who strongly believe in Mozilla Firefox only. What about IE8?

Microsoft, trying to get back the market share it lost from Mozilla Firefox and Safari sure would be desperate if this is true. Rumor has it that IE8 contains
'porn mode' which is private browsing to cover up your dirty surfing from anyone that is checking your browsing history.

Windows Mobile 6.1

Motorola Q is getting Windows Mobile 6.1 through AT&T, according to BoyGeniusReport. However because I don't think so AT&T cares about serving us in Asia let's just
drop it. Wonder is Motorola Q's in Malaysia would get the same?

XBOX 360

This is the one console that has enough games to fill up your granny's little house. Sad news is that is not that your granny's house just
blew up from all that RROF crap, but Japan had more 360 sold out than PS3. Why are the Japanese buying 360's?! But who cares, Nintendo Wii fares better than both of them and still have ready stock left rather than the 360.

Windows Vista

Ah, the holy grail of all
suckers. Here's an amazing fact that we should all be rather proud of - 35% of Vista users downgraded to Windows XP. I feel so jealous! When is it my turn?!

Microsoft Soda

What?! Microsoft has
soda? Apparently at the lobby at their headquarters, visitors may have a soda branded with a Microsoft logo. Please tell me the sodas are bug-free!

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