Friday, August 22, 2008

iPhone Girl In Action

Did you hear about the lucky bloke that bought an iPhone in Idunno, Whocares, UK? His iPhone came preloaded with pictures of the girl who assembled his iPhone at the Foxconn plant in China. No, I bet you didn't hear about it. But because I kind and all you get to see her!

She looks very small indeed in the picture.
She may have a job that means she will never afford what she is making, but she sure can smile!

One thing I am dissatisfied about this picture is.. the computer behind her is running Windows! There's no mistake about it! My contacts over in Gizmodo have certified this. Why is an Apple plant running Windows? Because Steve Jobs should tell these guys to stop using pirated goods. Hope that this girl don't get fired for this.

EDIT: She didn't, says Foxconn. We'll see..

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