Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faking History In the Making - Beijing Olympics

China really is desperate to be the best ever since they bought IBM. I respect their power, but there are some things that are very unnecessary such as cheating. Beijing Olympics it is.

Remember that little kid in the red dress we saw at the opening who sang so beautifully? I was so rocked off the chair by her voice. And now it is revealed by Chinese officials that the girl in the red dress (Lin Miaoke) was actually just lip-syncing. The real voice is pre-recorded and it belonged to a 6-year old girl named Yang Peiyi. Why not the real singer, you ask? Because they believe that the real singer's bucktooth isnt very suitable to show to the whole world.
And that is the picture of the cute red dressed girl and the real singer. I pity the one on the right.

The fireworks. Remember the giant footprints that 'walked' from Tiananmen Square all the way to the Bird's Nest stadium? It was a fake and the Chinese officials again readily admitted it.
First of all, a helicopter taking aerial shots and views can't be THAT close to the footprint fireworks - it's too dangerous. And I don't see no one by the side of the road looking up at it. Only the last footprint was real. The rest are all fakes.
It turns out to be a
complete hoax. They spent 9 months digitally creating the fireworks and when the opening started, they inserted it into the beams that are broadcasted to our homes.

Don't believe it? Click on any of the links below to see proof.
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Final note: This post is to spread news so that people will know what is true. Apart from that, keep watching Beijing Olympics! I must say, they did the Water Cube structure splendidly.

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