Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zelda Mobile

I have always wished there would be a sweet RPG for the mobile phone sector. A PSP owner would never go back to mobile gaming, they say, but I disagree. Sometimes mobile games have a little bit of that charm. Must be the crappy graphics.

Of course as a child I have played games like
Snake and Space Impact on my parent's cellphones. But these games never appealed to me and they are meant to be dipped in the toilet bowl. That is, of course, where Java programmer Richard Meurling stepped in.

He created The Legend Of Zelda game for
mobiles. In fact I have a copy of it in my Sony Ericsson. I spend the times outside of the home without my PSP playing Zelda on a cell.Yes, I created the mock Zelda Mobile box up there. I got a picture of the title screen, and added extra framing to produce a 3-D box. And you can see my name at the water at the bottom. You may ask, how is the gameplay for Zelda Mobile? Well, my dear friends, it is unrivalled by any other mobile game. Sure, it's not 3-D, but it works like magic.

That is a screenshot which I must credit IGN for. It shows Link at the early parts of the game. Convinced? Premium retrogaming just got portable. And I mean

Full Interview by GameSetWatch

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