Monday, August 11, 2008

Cubes Get Creative and Yummy

So you wanna get smart? Well this is one hell of a way to get smart. I can complete that above cube easily. Just give me an hour and I'll finish it.

Oh, so you think you're smarter than me and wanna take up a challenge?

I'll beat you at this easy win cos I sure as hell know my World Geography! I'll bet you can't match Luxembourg to Nederlands in this
World Cube ;P

Or perhaps you think you're Leonardo da Vinci of the modern times? I can't say I can beat you..

It's gonna be a real pain in the arse to create this. Think of the sides you have to get
wrong to get the picture right. And think of how many cubes you're gonna buy. At the price of these you can get a second hand car or a Tata Nano, honestly, no jokes.

Then comes the one I like! Ooh.. I am a
food-loving geek (Nothing vegetarian). A cake for me?
A Rubik's Cube cake, that is! With an actual cube included for size comparison. Hell, I'd try to bake that. I don't think so
Aunt Jemima* can make that, either. Rubik's don't exist in her time!

The point is.. there are so many cooler cubes out there! I sure do want that all-white cube and cake!

*Aunt Jemima isn't my aunt, silly, she is the
motherlode of pastries and bakery.

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