Tuesday, August 12, 2008

iPhone Speakers get Stackable

Stackable iPhone Speakers are the in thing, it's just been realeased. As long as this thing gets 5.1 and can only connect to its own kind, it's fine with me. I really don't want Cube World stick people to keep changing tracks every 5 seconds. Believe me, they simply love listening to Crank Dat Stick Man. And they will connect to YouTube so they can see Line Rider videos.

Wait - hold on a second. 95% of Internet users know porn but
none of you know what is a Cube World thingy? I will show you a picture of a Cube World, because I love you. HA HA.

This, my friend, is a single Cube World gadget. Connect two or more and watch them interact with each other. Google it up, will you?!

Back to the iPhone stackable speakers - If there is ever a motto to go with this product, it'll be "
Stack 'em like it's hot" or probably "iStack".

iPhone Stackable Speakers - BabbleDog
Cube World can be bought on Firebox

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