Saturday, September 6, 2008

Geeky Timepieces

This is our own geek timepiece bumper issue. Covering several timepieces, I share with you my findings.

USB Memory Watch

This shows the USB Memory Watch in full action. A red LED shows that the device is in use, and the USB Memory Watch is listed as a USB mass storage device.

Phosphor - E-Ink Display Watch

This watch has an interface that could change itself at the push of a button, thanks to its innovative e-ink display. E-ink, you ask? Think Amazon Kindle. Official Webpage.

Video Watch with OLED Screen

Equipped with 2GB on-board storage, you could fit in 2-3 full movies into your watch and have fun watching 'em in your boring History classes. Too bad if I watch a movie on this the whole class would gather round me, causing a commotion. Can be bought in ThinkGeek (link at bottom) and in wholesale at ChinaVasion.

Tokyoflash - Infection LED Watch

We welcome our first Tokyoflash entry into the blog. Tokyoflash is famous for its increasingly hard to tell timepieces. Usually people want a watch that makes it easy to tell the time, but this one is for the ones that want to tell the time the
hard way. This watch, named the Infection, has 3 different colours of LED to tell the time. Wait, wait - don't ask me how am I supposed to tell the time.

USB Memory Watch, Video Watch with OLED Screen, and the E-Ink Display Watch can all be found on ThinkGeek
Tokyoflash 'Infection' can be found on Tokyoflash

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