Monday, September 8, 2008

Google Chrome - Overview

Before we start on anything on the computer, we most probably click a little icon that is the logo. So what's in the logo of Google Chrome, the latest browser?

Google Blogoscoped contemplated the logo for a while and came up with several possible combinations of items to create the Google Chrome logo. A webcam, a Pokeball, Mozilla Firefox logo, a Simon, and the colors are obviously of the RGBY Google logo.

If you open a new tab, it will instantly show you the most visited websites just for good measure. Pretty convenient. Then again, look at the picture below.

This Chrome user apparently has a fetish for assholes, shemales and chubby women. And he is also into gay porn. If this particular user is browsing this in the school computer, the next person using it is in deeeeep trouble.
Oh yeah.

It also has
Incognito Mode, or what almost everyone is calling the 'porn mode' because only porn freaks would use it. Used to have discreet browsing.

The Smart Address Bar has both Google search and an address bar combined, saving the hassle. But it's nothing much to me because the Firefox i'm using now has the same thing.

In case I ever feel the box I'm typing into right now is too small, the Resize Text Box option is open in Chrome. By dragging the south-east corner of the box, users may resize to his liking.

Another feature that is present is the
Domain Highlighting. This is very handy especially if you forgot what is the parent page of the website you are at.. if your website has a long 'aJhGbyTiao=191752jUytbGrt' or something similar.

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