Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bakery's Back in Business

Well it seems that my major examinations are now over (which I shall explain in my personal blog here) so I am now back to posting the usual eeriely geeky stuff here. As you can see, exams make me hungry - so it would be a good idea to think of cakes as the reward for getting good results. Bah, I can get a cake any old time. But can anyone get these cakes?

The iPhone cupcakes are lovely! They were designed after not the iPhone, but the iPhone apps. I can see the music player, clock, calculator.. but where is the famed iPhone apps 'Virtual Breast' and the $999.99 'I Am Rich'?

Any old gamer would know that this is the Halo 3 logo. Apparently GameGuru sent the cake to Microsoft (
why not Bungie?) to celebrate the launching, or so I am told.I wonder if there are any Kinder Surprise eggs with Plasma Rifles in them.

This is one guitar you can't shred without putting your face in it first. Also, the guitar is not XBOX360 compatible so please stop crying now!

I don't know who Eric is but he sure is one lucky guy to get a NES cake. It looks very real and it also looks like the overheating problem gave it a bit of a meltdown. Anyway, Eric won't be happy to know that the Zelda gold cartridge he bought off eBay won't work here.

The classic wood veneer finish Atari 2600! I am constantly reminded by arcade machines that Atari brings the world Pong and Pacman goodness. I hope they didn't use Atari wood for the cake here because I sure don't want to eat
termite, sweat and gamer grub infested wooden panelling worth 30 years!

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