Friday, October 17, 2008

Life Snippets #1: Exams Are Over

I had to introduce Life Snippets series so that no one would confuse it with any other geekier section of my blog. This part of the blog, like the title implies, is meant to share with everyone my daily shenanigans or whenever something interesting happens.

Life Snippets #1: Exams Are Over

From 12th October 2008 till 17th October 2008 all third formers across Malaysia are having their PMR examinations - a major examination. Some papers are divided into two sections (unless stated), Part A is the multiple choice and Part B is where you have to write out your legendary skills. Here is a short review of the days gone by.

PMR Day 1
We have our Malay Language paper first. Part A was easy and so is Part B except that I struggled as I forgot the main character's name from the Malay novel 'Panas Salju'. Later we had Islamic Studies paper which wasn't as hard as I thought, but challenging enough.

Difficulty: 41%

PMR Day 2
First part in the morning and we are happily delving away on our English papers. Happily? What?! Well, readers, English is a guarantee 'A' paper for me because English is so intricate yet so easy. Later we had our Science papers which was so-so and so-so because the mix of questions were well-balanced.

Difficulty: 10%

PMR Day 3
The most dreaded day of all as Mathematics have come to beat the living shit out of me. I am terribly intimidated by the sight of mathematical terms. This is not an easy subject therefore I spent most the time trying to combat my growing constipation feeling. Part A was easy but Part B is where you have to write down the equations and such and this is where they found out how to make me cry. Like OMG, History is also today! History is all about crappin' factuals of dead people that make no sense in our ever-changing modern world.

Difficulty: 999.9%

PMR Day 4
Today one will have only Living Skills if you are not taking Conversational Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, Punjabi or Ibanese Language. After bidding good luck to our friends that are taking Mandarin Chinese, we went home to either sleep, study, or play
'Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures' game on the PS2 like someone by the name of Afiq Feisal (isn't that me!)

Difficulty: 14%

PMR Day 5
Today is a day I am looking forward to. Because one, we have Geography papers. Geography is damn well the easiest and most interesting subject. Two, because I am heading to the mall to strike a deal with my mom (
Mom..please buy me that, I am begging you!). Three, because it is the last day of PMR. Actually, make it just two. I have no reason to be happy that PMR is ending because PMR or no PMR, I am still not studying and will continue playing games like a proper life-enjoying person should be. *hearty laugh*

Difficulty: -10,000%

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