Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life Snippets #2: BBQ Parties

I didn't tell you but we had barbeque parties twice within a fortnight. So I will fit it all into this post. The last party was just today, I mean tonight. Tonight at the time of writing, stupid.

We had the BBQ session with the paternal side of the family. Many people turned up for some grillin' fun. Uncle Adrian lighted the coals and manned the roastpit while I was skewering sausages and cutting tenderloin beef into strips and giving the lambs a chop. Auntie Pacha prepared the salad while my mom was doing the gravy. Pak De brought the electric grill he bought in New Zealand which proved to be useful for smokin' those old timers such as the chicken wings. All the little kids were running around. After all was well, we dived headfirst into the plates and succumbed into the goodness of freshly grilled meat. Later, all the adults suddenly started singing some songs while the younger generation froze to death. Again, food was nice. Better than
Tony Roma's, I say!

And here are some pictures.

For the salad!

Shiny Potato (Eggs?) by me.

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