Tuesday, September 2, 2008

iPhone Accessories - I've had enough!

I've had enough with iPhone accessories! Who would design it, let alone make it and sell it? Them, sir, are the dumbasses of the 21st century - the iPhone era.

Look at this. It's a rotating iPhone stand. It means only your iPhone can rotate, not the stand itself. For $40, you get to spin your iPhone around on the pedestal.

This is the VideoShell. It lets you watch movies without holding the iPhone. What's the joy of an iPhone without holding the iPhone itself? Anyway if you watch movies on an iPhone you always have the urge to fast forward to the best parts only.

Next comes the PhoneFingers, a finger stylus for you. Out of YOUR finger. For 3 Euros, you get to play what is dubbed the
'iPhone condom' - another true dumbass design of the iPhone era.

This is by far the stupidest accessory I've ever seen for the iPhone. iPhone telescopes? Get real! Who wants to zoom in with an iPhone camera? Unless you're that nerd that nobody wants to make eye contact with and always spends time spying at the nude beach, nobody needs this crap.

I'm telling you - there useless contraptions don't come in cheap - expect to spend at least $25 with the exception of the iPhone condoms.

PED3 iPhone Stand - ThoughtOut
VideoShell - DLO
Phone Fingers - PhoneFingers
iPhone Telescope - RedFerret

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