Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Security First - Protect Your Gadgets

If you are a geek like me and have alot of tiny little gadgets you don't want anyone to touch or steal - for example: thumbdrives, iPhone, expensive watch, and other whatnots - then you better know that the safe is the worst place to hide items because where would a thief go when he enters your house? The safe, of course! Now I know since most of you don't have a safe (not even me) because you don't want to invest in one, then let me show a few items that can protect your item better and in far more cheaper ways.

This is one of the effective ways to hide your items. In a wall socket - I mean, the thief would only want your power cable so he can watch your
plasma TV in his shack, why would he need a wall socket? As in the picture above, a key unlocks the wall socket and it swings on its pivot to reveal whatever you hide inside there. Sweet.

Ah - the classic book vault. This company glued together two random boring books and drilled a rectangle crevice
hundreds of pages deep so you could hide stuff inside - in the picture, they hid an iPhone so you can roughly guess the size of the real book.

If you have smaller items such as jewellery to hide, then maybe a small place like this 7-Up can is all you need. You can unscrew the top to stash away. However I don't think so this one is effective as alot of thieves are poor and hungry, and they always grab a
quick snack in their victim's house. 7-Up, unopened before their eyes, mm. Once they realize the can contains more than $1 worth of carbonated drink, you're in for some sobbing time.
However, this one would certainly work well. I'd like to know what kind of thief eats dog food. And nobody ever opens a can of dog food unless you have a dog. So, this one is the least expensive way to hide your hideables.

Ah, this one is different. No, you can't hide anything in it - but with battery-powered blinking red LED, this dummy camera would fool any crook. They'd think the camera is videotaping their every move because not many homes have a CCTV installed in - it's a breach of privacy. But this one would be more than welcome, I'm sure of it. For a tiny more cash you get a swivelling version, one that tilts left and right on it's own. For a
bit more cash you get a waterproof outdoor version so you can always put it by that new Ferrari of yours - or so you've been telling me.

All products can be bought from X-Tremegeek

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