Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Have The Coolest BBQ Party Around

Well occasionally we may find a need to cook outside, usually for social purposes. When we say cook outside, we think of Barbeque. BBQ is fun. And also requires abit of cleaning-up after, I'd say, because I have hosted barbeques twice in the past month and no, you're not invited.

This is called the
Boom Cooler. As you can see, it is clearly not Rubbermaid. And it has subwoofers! I am not sure wether it actually stores frozen meat and 24-packs of A&W Root Beer together, but for the price of $899, I think it should! Get it here.

This is the
chork. It is half chopsticks, half fork. This would help if you are hosting a Joy Luck Club themed party, and you're Americanized enough to use forks. Click here.

For the geeks that actually cooks, here is the
OMGWTFBBQ apron that lives up to it's name. I know, I was OMGWTFBBQing when I saw this apron for sale at ThinkGeek. Get it here.

As I have mentioned previously in my aparment-themed post, this is the
Bruce BBQ for apartment balconies. Pretty handy, huh? Since most geeks live in one-bedroomed apartments. I found the article here.

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