Monday, October 27, 2008

Life Snippets #5: Back From The Basics

Well, three days ago it was back to the basics, now it is back from the basics. On Saturday I left for my maternal grandmother's house in Port Dickson, which lies on a 15 mile stretch of coastal road. The town is on the 3rd mile, if I am not mistaken. The cemetery is on the 5th mile, at the road bend where it bends because of the bay point. My grandmother's house is at the 11 1/2th mile. It's just a single-storey house. My grandmother's house has a weird outlook on it. You park your car on the road above, go down a flight of stairs, and you reach the house. The house is basically below road level. The stairs go down on a steep slope where my grandma has planted all sorts of flowers.

The moment we arrived at the doorstep, we were greeted by a strong, stinky smell. We immediately cleaned up, but the smell was still there. We traced the smell the the sofa, where a rat made home at the bottom, and eventually died there. My grandmother was very annoyed at my brother who was making alot of noise, so she picked up the dead rat and chased him at it. Since my brother is a scaredy cat, he quickly ran around the house avoiding my grandma and after she stopped chasing, my brother stopped running and cried at the top of his lungs.

My brother forgot to charge his PSP at home, and I forgot the charger. To make up for it, I lent him my PSP, which turns out to be a bad move. He was the last to sleep and within the first night, he drained the batteries. So for the next two days I played
Gravity Defied - Trial Racing on my handphone and listened to the same song on my iPod repeatedly. For the record, it was Holidae In by Chingy ft. Ludacris and Snoop Dogg.

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