Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life Snippets #4: Jusco J-Card Day

As many of you living in Klang Valley area know, 22nd October 2008 marks the Jusco J-Card Member's Day in their One Utama department store. Taking it as an opportunity to stock up on LEGO, I followed my mom there early in the morning, arriving at 7:30 a.m.

Traffic jam caused many of the drivers on the way to the mall started sipping their coffee in the car. We found a parking spot at the top level parking and waiting for the roller shutter doors to open. We were waiting for a long time, the lifts were all packed like
sardines in a tin. So, being the smart boy here I led my mom to an escalator which nobody knew existed (It was newly added). Sadly, we had to eat breakfast first so we went to Mickey D's to grab some Egg McMuffin. Then, I rushed to the toy section which would be my home for the next three hours.

Hour 1 at Toy Section
I spent the first 20 minutes checking the price of every LEGO box. I noticed that the LEGO sets that I most wanted were not available. Damn! LEGO is only given a 20% discount, can't they give it 70% discount like they did with the clothes?! I picked up the MX-11 Astro Fighter and the MX-41 Switch Fighter, priced at RM32.90 and RM119.90 each before 20% discount. Both of the spacecrafts are from the same theme,
Mars Mission.

Hour 2 at Toy Section
I went around to the large wire boxes where they dumped all the 50%-70% items. Although they were mostly boring
Made In China toys full of lead, LEGO wasn't exempted from discount because it's damn well expensive in Malaysia. Did you know that LEGO here cost twice as much than in America? So you Americans better shut the feck up. I grabbed a parts pack which is the Doors and Windows because my buildings lack natural lighting. The only LEGO given discount are the Batman series, officially licensed by DC Comics/DC Direct so that it would even more expensive without discount as The Lego Company would have to pay expensive royalties. All of them were given only 30% discount (WTF!) and only two Batman sets were given a 50% discount. One of them is the Ultimate Collector's Series Batmobile, which was RM529.90 before discount. The other was the Two-Face's Escape, which I got because it was only RM99 after discount. The price after 50% discount is the price you Americans pay when it first came out. Damn!

Hour 3 at Toy Section
I saw this young Chinese lad who bought a whole trolley full of LEGO sets! Shit! And he made his girlfriend wait at the trolley as he went LEGO-hunting. Sighing, I quickly walked over to the movie-themed toy section. I grabbed three figurines from
Indiana Jones, which are Indiana Jones in his normal outfit, Marion Ravenwood in her Nepali clothing, and Mutt Williams in his casual outfit. Yes, I am an Indiana Jones fan. I tried to find those uber-awesome Mighty Muggs figurines of Indiana Jones, but found only Lando Calrissian from Star Wars. Instead, I bought an Indiana Jones vehicle which is the German Troop Car, it is damn realistic. Also, it is in scale to the figurines I bought alongside it. The figurines are priced at RM16.90 after discount, and the vehicles are priced at RM44.90 after discount.

Later In The Evening
We came back to Jusco. Yeah, WTF. My mom forgot to buy new pillows, quilts, and bedsheets. Needless to say, it was a pain in the ass to carry two pillows on my left arm and a large quilt on the right. Then we went to the supermarket to buy a 15-pack of Pocky.

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