Monday, October 20, 2008

Life Snippets #3: School After Ending

So we basically still have to go to school after major exams have ended. Which is no biggie, because we have to choose our streaming for next year. Our education choices for Senior High is cool, they come in packages. I feel like taking Package C, which includeds the six base core subjects that everyone no matter what package you choose have to take, and also the main subjects for Package C which is Commerce and Accounting. Also, we get to choose what kind of activities we'd like to participate in for the rest of the school year (which is only a few weeks).

Next, we have school trips and field trips. For our field trip, we will go to the FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) which consists of nothing but leeches. School trip, we are heading up the mountains.. no, not to some
lame-ass summer camp, but to Genting Highlands, aka the gambling and entertainment capital of South-East Asia. For 3 days and 2 nights, we can have fun with friends.

There are many
post-PMR activities that they'll let us decide to choose, such as futsal, basketball, and netball competition, banner painting for the SPM candidates, water balloon tournament, tug-o-war, and many more interesting ones. The ones I am concerned about is the few but stupid suggestions. There are also choices for doormat making class, fireworks making class (PEW PEW awesomeness!), and also soap making experiment. The fireworks one is cool, but hey, who needs soapmaking class when you can get a bottled one at Tesco?

Some of us are still arguing about PMR answers, saying that this is right and this is wrong and vice versa. Dammit, start partying already. To let the stress
sliperizzle off, me has been kajizzling with tha hiphoperizzle tunes 'Holidae In by no other than Chingy ft. Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, or also known as Chingarizzle ft. Ludacrizzle and Snoopy Drizzle.

Also, don't ya folks forget that Halloween and my birthday is
back-to-back, so if you don't wish me it's hollering DOOMSDAY for ya'll. October 31 and November the First have never been such good buddies.

Playing games? Me too. I've been playing '
Thief: Deadly Shadows' and also the MMORPG megalomaniac RuneScape, the coolest medieval/fantasy era RPG ever created in history. And I'm continuing my membership there, it's only US $6, so cheap!

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