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Life Snippets #10: Genting Highlands!

It's gonna be a really long post. I assure you this. I will try to cover everything I can, and put pics where I have it.

I am now back from
Genting Highlands, a.k.a. the gambling and entertainment capital of the East (2-in-1 combo!). I had a blast there! It was so fun, every minute of fun is another minute closer to going back home. We tried to make full use of all the time available because it ain't everyday you get to have fun with friends with somewhere other than the local mall. Here's a full report that you may not find on anyone else's blog.. :P


7:35 a.m. I arrived at the
1 Utama Aeroline Bus Depot. Most of the people were there already, some have yet to arrive.

At 8 a.m. sharp we have all boarded and the bus left. As the bus left the car park, Daryl's mom arrived to send his son for the bus..
too late! Lydia was late as well. We left without them.

We reached the
Genting Skyway cable car station at the bottom. We waited at the boring bus depot below the station for Daryl and Lydia to arrive on the next bus, accompanied by Pn. Chan. Do you really think we are going to leave them there?!

The Genting Skyway Bus Depot

Animal Kingdom, it is an indoor mini-zoo where they display fishes, exotic birds, amphibians, reptiles, arachnids and even a skunk. There was a male mannequin hidden behind some cages, and we pointed it out to Lydia, who must have thought it was a naked intruder and.. she screamed so loud! Everyone was telling her, "It's fake lah, not real.. it's fake" to calm her down. Daniel flashed at a scorpion and it froze! We thought it was dead.

A worker cleaning the wallaby's enclosure.
The chameleons are posers!

We went out to take the cable car. The line to board the cable cars were super long! While queing up, everyone patted Daryl's back and said
"Good Job!" for being late. It took us about 20 minutes to step into the cable car. I shared the seat with TM and Rez. We reached the peak about 8 minutes later.

Waiting for Daryl.

We alighted from the cable car and went up five escalators to reach the First World Plaza, which houses a mall, an indoor theme park and also two lodging towers on top. We went down an escalator to reach the
First World Hotel lobby. Here, we all deposited our luggage into a Luggage Area which is really the lobby with smooth polished marble flooring with a metal wire mesh fencing around it. Then, we went down to the ticketing booth to receive our All Park entry wristbands.

First World Hotel (by RW Bhd.)

The Outdoor Theme Park had three sections: Genting Land (Childen Rides), Frontier Land (Very few rides), and the famed Magic Mountain where all the thriller rides are at.

Me, Rez and TM walked slowly towards the direction of the Magic Mountain , which is an area of higher altitude and contain the more daredeviled rides. We saw the
Pirate Train ride, and lined up. Each car needs two passenger, Rez went alone first followed by us. The ride sucks! Don't ride it! There is nothing but total darkness in it. The ride was like what, 10 seconds? Before we know it, the ride was over. We saw some European blonde girls lining up for the Pirate Train and felt like warning them about it.

We bought
corn-in-a-cup from a stall. Then we sat facing a waterfall, where we saw a woman feeding the koi fishes and another woman washing her hands in the water beriddled with stringy aquatic animal compost a.k.a. fish poop. We left and headed for the spinning Tea Cups. It was fun! I was crazily spinning the cups, feeling like we reached the zero gravity moment. Rezman's head was literally spinning, and TM helped spin the cup abit.

We left the cups, walking with shaky sea-legs. We headed for the
Spinner, which are the flying chairs. It was fun too! The sensation of flying through the air.. next stop! The Flying Dragon. It is one of the many rollercoasters found here. The ride was quite fun.. enough juice to pump up our hyperactivity.

We went up the escalator towards the thrill peak. Me and Rez left TM so we can ride the
Grand Prix Go-Kart. Roughly the speed of a John Deere, the current drivers drove around the circuit. Half an hour later, it was our turn. But suddenly, it started to rain! OMG, I was so angry.

We ran in the rain towards the safety of the Indoor Theme Park, which is also a mall. Rezman visited the Diadora shop and bought a new sweater which costs RM99.90. Then everyone gathered at the lobby to receive our room keycards and stow away luggage. I shared my room with Rez. Rez didn't feel to well so he burrowed into the bed and slept. TM and me went out to buy some ice-cold choc drinks at
Starbucks, even though it was already cold enough!

We spend some time watching the
Venetian canal gondolas float by.. when we noticed every single oarsmen (which were mannequins) wore Converse! We spotted mostly white Converses.. a pair of brown ones.. and a pair of the classic All-American red. Rez apparently woke up, he called us and went to find us. Unable to do so, we ended up finding him browsing in the Nike shop.

We all headed back to my room to eat dinner. Me and Rez had some cup noodles which we brought from home, and TM ate some sloppy chee cheong fun she bought from a food court named "
Mm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh". We left the room to play bowling with Daniel and the rest at the Genting Bowl. It was my bad luck day, usually by half-game I would have acquired at least 40 points, but I only scored 56 points throughout the whole game! We left them to start another game while we went to the arcade, Funtasy Video Games Park. Me and Rez played 'Street Dunk', spamming balls into the hoops. Then we drifted through the touges of Mount Akina in the Initial D arcade game. Then we rode the Euro Express, the indoor roller coaster. It was fast but wasn't very fun, it ended after a few seconds.

Day 2

I woke up at 6:30 a.m. so I can have a long, nice, relaxing hot shower. Then Rez did the same. TM woke up later and when she was ready, we all left for the
breakfast buffet at the 8th floor cafeteria. Here's to tell you. The breakfast buffet SUCKS. The food the serve to large groups are.. worm-like bee hoon, sloppy-mushy red beans, rubbery sausages, soggy chicken ham slices, sticky nasi lemak, and putrid porridge. If you wanted fried eggs or cereal, you have to walk a distance away to the other side. The cereal has to be eaten with hot milk. TM can't finish her food so I helped her with it, and you have to pay a buck for each 100g you leave.

Food For Thought.

Daryl and Daniel at the breakfast buffet.

Then we straightaway went out. We were the first to enter the Outdoor Theme Park, and everyone ran towards the
Grand Prix Go-Kart. I had two rounds or karting, it was fun! I mean, it's a genuine motorized vehicle..

Rez was feeling sick, so me and TM lined up for the
Corkscrew. It was the ultimate rollercoaster in the region! A bladder-bursting downhill plus two loops in a row, it was.. I can't describe it. You have to ride it yourself! After that, we went to Dinosaurland. There is a dino island where you can walk about and camwhore with the statues, or you can take a boat 'round the moat. We took the boat first, and upon alighting after the ride ended, we saw Daryl and Brandon. I can't believe they went on a romantic cruise instead of riding Corksrew!

Me posing with a London Double Decker Bus at Genting.

We rode the Tea Cups and Spinner again.. and then me and TM rode the
Rolling Thunder Mine Train twice! Next, we bought more corn-in-a-cup. We headed back to the Indoor Theme Park. We bought KFC and headed back to the room. We noticed that on the hallways, the staff laid out bedsheets on the floor and we all stomped on it. Me and TM went out again to buy Starbucks, and to get Pn. Chan a stirrer for her cuppa coffee.

It was time to gather again, this time for
Snow World. We entered the premise and everyone grabbed a jacket, which were all sized differently to fit. Then, you have to take boots if you are not wearing sneakers, and nobody wore the boots. Then, you had to take gloves. Choosing the right sized gloves were hard, everyone was scrambling the bins. We pushed past the double doors into the snow room. Immidiately everyone started scrapping snow (shaved ice) from the floor and throwing it into anyone nearby. It was a crazy snowball fight! Me, Rez, TM and others all went up to the second floor of a snow cabin to go down the slide. When you reach the bottom, you skid about 1.5 m away from the foot of the slide. Then, it was the Cresta Run. You had to take ring tubes up some stairs, sit in the tube and slide down a curved downhill track. It was such a blast! It was also bumpy if you didn't sit properly. Lydia was about to go down when she slipped out of her tube and hung on to a railing for dear life. We got the tube back up.. but Lydia was still hanging on. Ken Yi tried to pull her back up but she slipped down. Finally, after some grueling moments she got back up and I pushed off her tube. Then, we continued throwing snowballs and left the place after returning the jackets and gloves.

We had dinner and we went to line up for the
4D Motion Master at 8:00 p.m. But the line wasn't moving at all, so we had to dump the plan and meet up everyone else in front of The Pavillion to see the live-action stage show, Dreamz. There was a magician who played balloon badminton with the audience.. a magic show where they sliced a woman's head and put in on another table.. and it still moves! Also there were four daredevils with dirtbikes, zooming in a spherical metal cage. There was also a white lion and white tiger, so cute! And they're rare! The show then ended.

Three Wild Stooges of Dreamz

While the rest of the group went back to their rooms to play poker and gamble, we went to watch
Quantum Of Solace. It was okay, Daniel Craig's parkouring was good, the car chase was okay, but such a waste of exotic vehicles, I'd say. Olga Kurylenko had an ugly scar at her back which looked like her father had poured acid on her when she was three.

We headed back to the room.. watched Poseidon and went to sleep. Tomorrow will be the last day..

Day 3

TM gave me a wake up call, and I greeted her immediately after showering. Rez was pissed that me and TM we awake and all ready while he is still in bed. We went straight to the breakfast buffet, where we ate more or less the same things we had yesterday.
It still sucked.

As if it wasn't enough, it was our last day! And there is nothing much left to do. Rez went back to the room to pack up, so me and TM went riding on the Reindeer Cart to get an aerial view of the Indoor Theme Park.

Then, we headed up to the arcade to play more Street Dunk, Daytona Racing, Dance Dance Revolution, and House of The Dead 2. We didn't redeem our wad of tickets, instead we just kept it. It's time to gather again and head back home. We went to my room and I packed up my stuff, and everybody went down the lifts. We walked through the mall.. down the five escalators.. and into the Genting Skyway station. We shared the cable car with Pn. Chan, Pn. Sow and a random old man.

Goodbye, Genting Highlands.

Me and TM in the cable car.

We spent the entire cable car ride snapping photos of the mountains and Genting Highlands, which were slowly disappearing in the horizon. We alighted from the cable cars and we were given 45 minutes before boarding the bus. We went to the pickle market to buy sour sweets and fruit drops. Nearly everyone else bought cup noodles from the Seven Seven store (a real parody of 7-11). We dubbed the noodle snorters "The Maggi Mee Club" after the brand of noodles.

Amateurs of the The Maggi Mee Club.

We boarded the bus. I sat next to TM this time. I passed around a bag of fruit drops, only to receive the empty bag in return. I passed the time in the bus reading Galaxie with TM. We got nearer and nearer to OU and everyone looked quite down.

Ken Yi sleeping in the bus.

We got down from the bus.. and sat at the benches. One by one, everyone disappeared into their parent's cars. Me and TM were the last to leave. We also went back at the same time. I reached home.. and it was so hot compared to Genting Highlands.

That's our bus parked at OU.

My luggage.

And that concludes the end of this post. I suppose mine is the most complete of any posts about Genting Highlands, and I hope it will rekindle those fun memories in Genting, riding go-karts, Corkscrew, and others. Thanks to TM for helping me to remember what we all did so I can complete this entry. My life is back to normal now. Monotonous.

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