Saturday, November 8, 2008

Life Snippets #9: Let's Go Genting!

This is part one of my entry for the school trip to Genting Highlands tomorrow. If you do not know where or what is it, Genting Highlands is South-East Asia's number one entertainment and gambling capital. So good that even Singaporeans come here to gamble their Sing dollars away.

It is located smack in the middle of Peninsula Malaysia, on Banjaran Titiwanga (Titiwangsa Range) which is also called 'Backbone of Malaya' because it lies in the middle of the long peninsula and its long, starting at Southern Thailand and ends near Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, about 500km away. Enough crapping on these, school's out, damnit!

As of now, 10:54 P.M. (+8.00 GMT) I am half updating this blog and half packing. So far I have only packed my clothes. I am currently trying to gather my camera, PSP, cellphone charger, and toiletries to stash away in an orange, wheely, hard-molded-ABS luggage bag which I called my own. Then, I will go to sleep and pray that I do not miss the bus which would carry the teacher and the other guys alone. Please don't leave me here!

So.. I will update on Part 2 which is the whole trip in one, after I get back. The trip is 3 days and 2 nights, by the way.

Dah-doo my readers.

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