Friday, November 7, 2008

Life Snippets #8: Unofficial Last Day of School

For most of us third formers today will be the last day of school. Actually we have two more days next week before the fifth formers or seniors take their SPM exam before leaving school for college or career. Today we had a prizegiving ceremony for the mini sports event we had yesterday.

My friend Azrai who is in Team 4 bagged most of the prizes while my own Team 5 only won a consolation prize. All the prizes are hampers stuffed with food such as Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Pepsi, 100 Plus, choc bars and others. Azrai is smirking the whole day, looking at us losers as if we were filth. Just kidding.

All I did the whole day was listen to my iPod and handphone, and occasionally swapping iPods with other people or lending them my iPod. The more musical guys were playing songs on the school piano such as Sara Bareilles's Love Song. Tan Jian was playing a very recognizable song but I had forgetten what it was.

Other than that, my mind is racing on wether to get Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Saints Row 2, Guitar Hero III: Aerosmith, Burnout Paradise, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune or Metal Gear Solid 4 for my PlayStation 3.

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