Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Life Snippets #13a: PMR Results Tomorrow!

Hey fellas, I'm really sorry for not updating this long (just how many times can you say sorry!) but my desktop computer has encountered a problem with its RAM which in turn serves me one after another BSODs, resulting in me reseating the RAM modules into the slots but problem not solved - sent it to Pineapple Computer Store which made some calls to Acer and found out my computer is still under warranty (yippee!) and they will arrange to send it back and since it is holiday season now I can't have my computer back until after New Year.

So uh yeah most of you probably won't understand what I was talking about up there anyway so here's one of the topic - PMR Results.

And it's tomorrow. Gasp!


Anonymous said...

PMR got 9As also ah? xD

Afiq Feisal said...

Got lar =.=

Those who take Bahasa Arab.