Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life Snippets #16: CNY Holidays

It's been a rather bleak start of the year for me, or some might say, a rude awakening. I found my brain struggling to compress all the information that the teachers are pouring in. No ZIP files to replace your saliva-laced mouth, teacher? Anyways, I'd like to wish a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year to all that celebrate it. Don't forget to send me a cheque after collecting your moolah from your aunts and uncles. All donations would go to the purchase of a PS3 game(s) of my choice.

We had a giant family dinner at Marché
. I ate a whole Hawaiian pizza, a plate of potatoes rosti with cheese, half a medium-rare sirloin steak, and one of their giant beef sausages. Then, another part of the holidays are of course the wake-up late sessions. I'll need to catch up with the sleep I lost on school days.

Not to mention.. gaming. Done a couple of good trades with last week and got a Lost: Via Domus game for the PS3. I'm telling you, Lowyat.Net forums are a good place to hang out and talk, and you can also buy/sell/trade your items at the Garage Sales section. There are thousands of people thronging that place trying to get the best deals like you do at the pasar malam.

The seller of this game gave it a RM40 price tag. Second hand, of course, but the disc is 100% scratchless and so is the case. Manual not torn, looks like no one touched before. Played the game and already halfway through it. You play the game episode by episode, and it offers alot of cinematic style plots like the TV series. I received the game through meeting up with the seller who operates a small video game/BluRay movie rental and sales service called Blackmango Games. Free advertising!

I hadn't been mountain biking for days, because both me and Irfan agreed that we should take a breather from battling the massive traffic in One Utama and Taman Tun everyday just to ride a few singletrack trails in Bukit Kiara. Haven't tried the 4k loop though, many riders have recommended this to us.

Evenings nowadays are mostly rainy. It's rather boring, but it's good too. I don't have to water my grandma's plants and flowers. They're lined up all along the side street next to our house. Then again this (the rain) prevents me from going out and cycle.

And oh, and enjoy a random pic below!

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