Friday, January 9, 2009

Sg. Dua Pictures

I am making a separate post for the Sg. Dua mountain biking pictures because if I combine it with the other Sg. Dua post, it's gonna be flooded. The pics are all in chronological order. Enjoy!

Before leaving.

En. Ajis's Pajero

Mr. Rosli and his Toyota Hilux

Unloading bikes.


Reattaching Daniel's front wheel.

New tents.

This is tent 2 and 3 (and a chair)

Night Kopitiam

Kids eating.

Nasrul warming up.. literally.

Me and my stuff.

Irfan and his stuff.

Ustaz Ikbal

Ilyas pushing bike across river.

"Jom kayuh !"

Mountain View with Daniel

Mountain View with Irfan and someone.

Last checkpoint.

Me on the way down.

See Ustaz Suhaimi taking pics..

Heaving bikes across fallen trees.

I just finished lashing down the bikes.

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bo093 said...

try bukit cermin. at putra heights near puchong.
is not a xc more like downhill.
but xc are welcome.