Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life Snippets #20: Hot Weather, Not Green Enough

Urgh, the weather has been unpleasantly hot this whole year. Fxck you to anyone that is contributing to global warming. Please be more green.. think about it. Think about your offspring - they'll think their parents and grandparents and ancestors are suck big time just because a small mistake each person does to the environment. Don't you feel sorry? Weather's been hot, hot, hot.

Our school had the spring-cleaning day on Valentine's Day. Love isn't really in the air, I smell lots of sweat instead. The teachers are forever instructing students to hop into a drain (or lower a friend inside) and pick up a leaf. Then there's this gang of Malay guys that walk around and playing around with student's bicycles and motorbikes, like trying to pick them up together and chanting "Kutip! Kutip!" (Pick it up!). Speaking about Valentine's Day, I think it is total bullshit. You don't have to give someone extra love and attention just on Valentine's Day. Shouldn't those days be every day? Back to cleaning the drains. Alot of our school students are a bunch of pussies who can't step in a clean, dry drain only belittered by leaves and the occasional ice-cream wrapper. Didn't you guys ever know those poor Indians in Delhi have to SWIM in glob to clean up their city?

Whoops - back on being green. Singapore has been fortunate to have been rather green and clean on their small patch of land. I was there only last week and no matter how bright the sun is, the weather can't get hotter - it's rather cool. I'd say the temperature outside is about 25 or 26 celcius - better than the daily Malaysian average outdoor temperature of 31 celcius. Oh yeah, Singapore. Didn't remember to blog about it, so I'll tell you what I did - shopping!

Bought a Wii Zapper + Link's Crossbow Training for Nintendo Wii, a Thrustmaster Universal Challenge (a steering wheel compatible with all consoles) for my PS3, a Sony 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for my PSP, and a Rainbow Six Vegas for my PS3. Spend quite some money there. The leftover of the money I converted back to RM and spent it on a Venzo Grey full-finger cycling gloves, and a pair of Ritchey WCS bar ends. Thinking of buying some PowerGel as well.

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