Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life Snippets #21: Facing Form 4 Test

Yeah, we're having a test now. I'm slightly nervous because I'm facing subject papers that I haven't done yet. What if there's no objective part? How to tembak?

Tuesday, 24 February

Today's Chemistry paper is actually rather easy. I did the questions without any hesitations. A bit of counting, a bit of Guess Who? with some old geezers that drew some rough sketches of an atomic model.

Sejarah (History) just got more interesting this year. I find world history more interesting ever since my dad subscribed me National Geographic some years ago, and I remember always gawking whenever Zahi Hawass covers another article on some on-going excavation at Valley of the Kings. That's Ancient Egypt for you. Anyway this paper isn't too hard but there seem to be a few facts that I must have left out of my studies.

Wednesday, 25 February

English was super duper easy. Well, considering the Form 4 paper is the American equivalent of their what, 5th grade paper? Pfft. Question formats like usual, with a new twist. Some advertisments that we have to 'decipher' it's meaning, and we have a new subjective part too. All you gotta do is copy and paste the answers from the text paragraph.

If you read my PMR post, you'll know that I loathe Maths. Alot. No matter how easy I'll still freak out over it. Anyway it wasn't that hard except that I failed to find the roots of the subjective part. Who cares?

The study of life. Not to say very hard but it was certainly mind-racking. My brain's Search function failed to retrieve much information regarding the questions asked. Left a question blank on the subjective part.

Thursday, 26 February

Additional Mathematics
Wait, first there's Maths, now there is an Add. Maths too?! Cray-zee. All the questions are on a single sheet of A4 paper yet almost every single Form 4 kid including the Mataharians are probably constipating while doing quadratic equations. Ain't seen nothing till it's vector calculus! It was hard, nevertheless. Many people left a few questions blank or did it anyway eventhough they knew they were wrong.

Bahasa Melayu
This one's easy. Not sure if I met the criteria for finding the correct 'Isi Tersirat' but ah I had alot of fun doing the 'bina ayat' part. Super duper easy, and it reminds me of when I was Standard 3 or so where these kinds of questions were aplenty.

Not exactly rocket science, but it was enough to make me go dizzy and hallucinate. After racking my brain due to being stumped on a subjective question, I started seeing tiny, bright, white balls float around my desk and paper like it's the Brownian Motion. It's motion, not movement. We've been fooled, kids. Seriously, I've never been this mental before. Although I've preferred this to happen in Add. Maths instead.

Friday, 27 February

Bahasa Cina (Chinese)
I don't take this paper, so all I can tell you about it is I played and talked to people around me.

Pendidikan Islam (Islamic Studies)
It wasn't really that hard, quite some of the questions are repeated variations of the last. Although the facts had to be right, I've been using my almost dead brain Search function. Oh boy, the exams are over after this!

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Yeoh said...

i know dude u think its easy surely ALL of you people will suck at the exams.. wakaka..