Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life Snippets #22: Rain, Rain, Go Away

My second last post I've been complaining that it's hot. Right after that it started raining almost everyday (perhaps God heard my plight). I wish it'll rain in the mornings instead. Can't go biking at Kiara or the local dualtracks. Wish the weather would be cloudy and skies as blue as ever.

So, today my mom invited me to go swim at The Club at Bandar Utama, but I said I wanted to go to Johnny's bike shop to change the chain of my new bike. Oh yea, did I tell you I got a new bike? It's not exactly new, it's my dad's GT Backwoods. It's slightly older than my own bike, a Giant XtC Team. And this GT Backwoods is older AND better than my bike. Like all good GT frames, it incorporates the Triple Triangle technology making it look good. Also it has full XT groupset/derailleurs and also XT Hollowtech II cranks. Mavic wheels with Panaracer tires and LX hubs, Titec Hell-Bent XC handle, Avid Rim Wrangler V-Brakes and a RockShox SID XC fork.

Couldn't be happier. My dad doesn't use the bike anymore because he's busy at work overseas and rarely comes home, maybe once every 1-2 months. He's rather active on it years ago, but now he prefers to ride my mom's Santa Cruz Superlight.. perhaps because it has hydraulic brakes, dual-suspension and a really light frame (hence the name). I'm happy with hardtails because even dirtjump bikes are hardtails, and hardtails are always good for XC. The chain was rusty though.

So I went to Johnny's store at about 4pm with Irfan, who's just shifted to a house just a street away from mine (yay!). Went there and hanged around and this female roadie came along after some Gombak cycling. I had to wait until Ah Keong the mechanic arrives back to the shop, and wait longer because he's working on Ustaz Suhaimi's roadbike conversion because our T-Bolt MD group is going to Port Dickson, my kampung, tonight and tomorrow to check out the roads there. If it's good, (it'll be, I'm an expert there) then we'll have an en masse event like the Sungai Dua one previously.

Then finally it was my bike's turn and I bought a RM60 chain with missing link included. Not gonna buy those crap-ass RM15 chains because good bikes deserves good parts. Ah Keong installed it and walla - smoother rides and there goes away the fear of the old rusty chain snapping off. Then there's this white guy with a Carlsberg Green Label can who came along and talked to us about bikes. Then this brader from SMKBU came with his Tank roadbike and we all laughed at Johnny's failed English - spelled hub as 'Hup', hydration packs as 'water bag' and jersey as 'jerses'. Damn funny I tell you.

Then it started raining - oh no! Pak Ajis, Aidit and Ustaz Suhaimi came along to change Aidit's tires and check out the Ustaz's bike. They gave us money to buy drinks for everyone and guess what? The Binjai restaurant owner gave us discount RM10 become RM9 because both me and Irfan wearing Nike shirts.. plus mine is Ronaldinho some more - Nike all the way! So guys, if you go to Restoran Binjai wear Nike shirt.. and hope that the owner comes along.. if not, touch luck, suckers!

Rain stopped at 7:30pm and we cycled back home.. what a good day. Can't wait to test the GT out at Kiara - it's been there before with my dad but not with me!


Joe Hairiz said...

If u wan to test out your GT Backwoods at Kiara, tell me the outcome.. can't wait to test out my new DHM

Afiq Feisal said...

Bodoh.. you don't have a DHM.. you only got your roadbike lol..