Friday, March 6, 2009

Life Snippets #23: Bad Hair Day

Today was sort of a bad hair day. I can't really say if it's bad or good. My fringe was swept aside and held in place with hair gel to mask the lenght of it at school. And it just so happened that today the tips of it were curved like the Ripcurl logo. Some say it's bad, some say it's really cute and nice.

Finally I converted my Giant XtC Team into a hybrid dirtjump/semi-downhill bike. It can also become cross-country like it was before conversion, because it still has its shifters, derailleurs and other whatnots, while pure dirtjumpers are single-speed with only one (front) or no brakes at all, but most dirtjumpers are not purists due to the hassle.

I exchanged my light industrial steel pedals for a pair of yellow platform pedals with Adrian, a regular at Johnny's bike store. Those yellow platform pedals sure do match my black/yellow bike theme. A new pair of Wellgo colored platform pedals would cost me RM180 per pair and I got mine free (although a bit scratched, but all pedals get old fast!) for next to nothing, seeing that my previous pedals aren't much to behold.

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