Friday, March 6, 2009

I Say, You Say, YouthSays!

Hey guys, I was wondering if you knew of the most happening Malaysian website (next to LowYat.Net of course). It's a website where youths can discuss everyday life, issues, brands, pretty much whatever that you're concerned of with other Malaysian youths. Also, you can complete surveys and earn money for it. What's this website, you say? I say it's YouthSays! Now click on the picture below to sign up for it!


Anonymous said...

hey I wanna join this but im in Singapore. Can i still join?

Afiq Feisal said...

Well, anon, so far YouthSays have not introduced the program to overseas participants. However, according to their FAQ, they may be doing so in the future once this program has been a true success in Malaysia. (Which, is already a success in my opinion)

Best regards, Afiq Feisal.