Monday, March 9, 2009

Life Snippets #24: Kiara 2k

Today I invited Irfan to go to Kiara for a mountain biking session. We reached Kiara park at 4:30pm and pushed our bikes up Rock Garden, and went uphill through the short Carnival shortcut towards the jogging road beside KLGCC. Pedalled uphill on tarmac for a minute or so, reached the first pump house, and entered the famed 4k trail. Here, is a fork. Taking a left turn would take us to the downhill wooden ramp, which we already conquered previously. To the right, is a trail which takes us past a small lake, a smaller wooden bridge, and God knows where because we didn't go pass the bridge before. The trail hasn't been used for some time due to most of the cyclists who are adults are busy working I suppose, so the overgrowth are quite annoying and it made the trail feel rather narrow.

There are alot of parts where pushing the bikes are required (slope too slippery). After some time, we reached a tall slope which led to a tarmac road. Went up the tarmac road to the famous T-junction where there is a pondok. Saw some mountain bikers there, about 8 of them. Half of them are using BH bikes while the rest has a Santa Cruz, a few GT and one or two Giants. The BH's and Santa Cruz went into the 2k trail first and we followed suit. The trail was quite easy to navigate through. The only drawbacks are a few gnarly roots, and some uphill switchbacks which are rather slippery thanks to the rainy season.

Today there are quite alot of joggers around, and bikers love joggers because we get to go faster than them. And also they act as obstacles to train on. Going downhill down a tarmac road at top gear, top speed, joggers are good for training on - they're like the orange cones in a driving academy. But unfortunately most of them know today is also the day alot of bikers come down so they like to go to the road shoulders instead. Bah, cowards! Eheh, I was just kidding on these part. But seriously, train going around people - try not to hit them!

Went down the Carnival and Rock Garden back to the Kiara park parking lot, where the BH's and Santa Cruz are cleaning their bikes at the bike wash. The Santa Cruz guy chit-chatted with us for a while. Then we left for Devi's Corner to quench our thirst. It started drizzling a little and we gave up our table to the BH riders - we're done drinking our Milo Ais, anyway.

Stopped by KSH, the mother of all bike shops in Taman Tun. Which is, coincidentally, the only bike shop in Taman Tun. Love those THE full-face helmets. Especially those One Composite series. Then we hit the roads again and back home. Reached my house at about 7:14pm.

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