Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama Sushi? Rant?

I've read online recently that a Japanese restauranteur has created a sushi in the form of Barack Obama's face. It's really creative, but I really don't care and I just want to show you guys that there is a sushi in the form of Barack Obama's face. Did I say that it looks like Obama's face?

One more thing - please no 'I love Obama' replies, especially for Malaysians. You're all so hyped up and joining Obama fanclubs everywhere you could - why bother? You think you know him, but if I ask you wether you knew that he plays Pong and has a Blackberry (which he dropped) and he is half Indonesian. So why bother? Does it bring change to Malaysia? Will it let us reach the 'Wawasan 2020'? Yeah probably the Americans could do that but our Malaysia is still stinkin' Malaysia, and that's that.

Article found HERE (MSN-Japan)


Ashanti Jayandran said...

U r rite about the Obamarisation part.. i totally agree

Afiq Feisal said...

See Ashanti, Obamarisation in Malaysians. Sigh, when will they open their eyes.