Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm A Bookworm

You know what, before I get carried on with today's post about my book obsession, I think I'll slip in a tiny section here about sunglasses. I've seen T-Pain wear this pair of white sunnies (the older version) and I was like "Dayummm! That is da bomb!". After some Googling I found out it was a pair of Oakley Gascans. The ones you see him wear now is Oakley Oil Rig. Here's a picture of the Gascans.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of books. I don't know why most of you find books are boring, but boy don't you guys know what you're missing!

So yesterday, me and my mom went to the Big Bad Wolf Books warehouse sale. It has like a kajillion books, and a whole crowd of book-fans like me. I wound up taking a whole box of books (when you feel that your arms can't carry anymore, you may take a box to fill up books with). Alot of books, and that was just ME. I know it sounds geeky, but I'm really a geek of all sorts so here goes a list of the books that I chose for myself.

1) Real World by Natsuo Kirino (Novel)
2) Memoirs of an Exorcist by David Devereux (Novel)
3) London and The South-East by David Szalay (Novel)
4) The Joy of Swearing by M. Hunt (Leisure Reading)
5) Avalon High Coronation Vol.1 by Meg Cabot (Manga)
6) Avalon High Coronation Vol.2 by Meg Cabot (Manga)
7) Princess Ai: Ultimate Edition by Misaho Kujiradou, Courtney Love & DJ Milky (Manga)
8) Carrie by Stephen King (Novel)
9) Snakebite by Robert Swindells (Light Novel)
10) Java in a Nutshell by David Flanagan (Reference Encyclopedia)
11) The Game Maker's Apprentice by Jacob Habgood & Mark Overmars (Guidebook)
12) C++ Programming In Easy Steps by Mike McGrath (Guidebook)
13) The Complete Bike Book by Mel Allwood (Reference/Guidebook)
14) Kaiser Chiefs - A Record of Empoyment (Band Scrapbook)

Other than that, I also bought a Spanish Starter Kit from Teach Yourself for only RM20. Not to forget, a Spanish language accompaniment book to go with it. For some reason I love learning new languages if it doesn't involve 2000 symbols and characters (I don't mind Japanese!).

Pic from the Oakley Gascan site.

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