Friday, May 8, 2009

Broken Collarbone

I'm back, fellas. With a broken clavicle (or collarbone), or should I just say, shoulder. No, not the right one. The left one. OUCH! Get your dirty hands off my shoulder! Nuff' said.

I'm too lazy to write bedtime stories about how I ended up with a broken collarbone, so let's keep it short and sweet. It involves a 15 year old Malay boy, a red Commencal Normal Disc mountain bike, a kapchai motor, an Indian man, a sweaty Indonesian tractor driver, a Bobcat tractor, a stretch of long downhill tarmac, and a speed bump. To top it off, a 10-metre Superman fly off. Use your damn imagination, kiddos.

The two pieces of bones are overlapping by 1.5 cm. I could opt for surgery though, where they'll use a scalpel to slice open my shoulder skin, drill in holes on the clavicle, put on a titanium plate and secure it with matching titanium screws, and sew back my shoulder skin. Sweet, no? Oh, I'll have a bitchin' good time walking through airport metal detectors too! But my injury's not that bad, and since my growth stage is growing into an adult, I won't have to worry much as the bone will widen into an adult bone anyway instead of leaving a huge irregularity when compared with the other shoulder.

Your Crippledness,
Afiq Feisal

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