Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Le Boring School

Man.. anyone notice how school has just gotten a whole lot boringer lately. Our new pengetua has recently posted some revised or original school rules on each class noticeboard. There are so many unnecessary rules spotted there and the whole class were having their own say on each rule. The weather isn't helping either - it's gettin' real hot and just the perfect weather to induce students into a short nap in class.

Today, I've changed my Commencal's pedals to a pair of platform pedals by the name of Kona Jackshit. I wanted to get a pair with sealed bearings (more safe/last longer) but those platforms cost like RM200++ per pair. The Jackshit was only RM80 (after discount) but I only had RM50 so I managed to persuade the boss to let me pay RM30 later in the week. C'mon, I'm a regular customer xD.

Recently, I've found out that I was on a slowpoke on discovering this music group called The Lonely Island. They're the brains behind the songs called Jizz In My Pants and Dick In A Box. I know - it sounds weird at first (the song name) or either gross to you, but hit up the music videos on YouTube and you'll find it funny. Justin Timberlake is featured heavily in Dick In A Box, and this'll probably be your first time seeing JT on a lighter side.

Kona Jack Shit pedals picture courtesy of PinkBike

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Mat Salo said...

Hey.. when you gonna do a post on the recent 'accident'? Get well soon so you can get back to the 'Le Boring School'. Ma's had enough, probably. Ha ha.