Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Club Day is Fun Day

School today was rather uneventful on the morning half when we were supposed to be learning.. but after school was filled with good old-fashioned fun that doesn't involve online games, for once. Science club seems inexistent today, so I wandered around school and stumbled upon Marwan who wanted to take a picture of a group on the ground floor. It was rather interesting how they (the people below) make something simple so hard LOL.. all they need to do is assemble themselves in the P shape. P for Photography club.

Daryl, Brandon, Timothy and Ah Yang said that they are gonna play football, but they lied! We ended up going to Chess Club (which is generally, a board games club). I requested that we play Monopoly, but the school only had Saidina sets.. these are Malaysian-made real estate board game. The game was really fun. I also saw many people playing Chinese checkers. They seem interesting, I might wanna try them soon.

Our group soon dispersed and I walked around again. Our ground floor foyer is always a busy area. A place where dance groups practice, those black hoodie wearing Malays shuffle to hardcore trance, and also where cheerleaders can be seen warming up. But today is a club day, and there is Fitness Club going on. This fella named Raymond from Celebrity Fitness, One Utama will come with sporting equipment like weightlifting stuff. Then the members of the club would exercise and lift weights to some energetic music.

I went home, and at 7.00pm I went to the local field to have a game of football. Daryl was already there, and soon people poured in to play. Yeah, we play that late.

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