Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gotong Royong

Today my school had gotong royong (cleaning up day) because tomorrow there is Hari Koko and there'll probably be some important guests expected. Each class has a max of 6 people cleaning it. Me, Jian Ming, Brian, Chuan Yew, Belle and Najwa stayed in class to clean it up.. first the rusty fans, then the very dusty windows, an effortful attempt to remove marken pen shit drawn on desks, the transporting of broken chairs and tables to the Dump Site, the filling up of wall holes with newspaper and covering it up with sugar paper, the pasting of newspaper cutouts and articles on the boards surrounding, the sweeping of the floor, the rubbing off paint spots that some asshats spilt on the floor, and heat we endured when the block's electricity failed. Yeah, that many things happened.

How very tiring! But still had fun to slide across hallways. Eh? Pour some turpentine on cement floors and slide your way across. People walking about the school. And the last thing I have to say about this topic is..

.. there's a headless wooden giraffe laid to rest at the dump site. RIP.

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