Monday, January 26, 2009

Question: What are the coolest stuff you've ever found?

As the question implies, I wanna ask you guys what are the coolest stuff you've ever found lying around, be it on the sidewalk, inside your lunchbox, in your neighbour's garbage can, anywhere. Here's a list of the stuff I've found (and so far remembered). The items doesn't have to be something that you took for yourself.

1) 'Mario Pinball Land' GameBoy Advance cartridge [Taken]
- Found in a safe in a hotel at Langkawi Island.

2) HotWheels Enzo Ferrari [Taken]
- Found on a slide at my old apartment's playground.

3) Srixon Golf Clubs with Bag [Left]
- My neighbor's trash.

4) Proton Waja sports front bumper [Left]
- Parking lot in front of BU3 bike store.

The items that I had taken should be something of my interest.. the ones I left might be something of my interest, but is deemed useless, like the Proton Waja sports front bumper. What'd I need that for? The golf set looks fine, but I don't play golf. The bag looks really tatty though.

So you, tell me what you've found.


John Atkins said...

Hi mate you're really lucky to get a Mario Pinball Land free. Spent 20 quid to get that cartridge off a pushy seller on Ebay. I'll tell you what I found - I found a HotWheels car too! Looks like children nowadays keep losing their stuff all over the place.

Kieran Ganesh said...

I found some foreign bank notes in a locker room in a gym. Didn't remember which country it was, but it was from somewhere in Europe. Asked around but no one claims it. Went to the money changer across the street and got about RM45. Free lunch!

Anonymous said...

i foudn a cheesburger wrapper n also a empty Coke can.. :DDDD

Anonymous said...

Isn't this question thingy from Facebook? LOL.

Afiq Feisal said...

What makes you think of that?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cuz I saw the question in Facebook. =.=

Chiee said...

A frog the size of a booger.


Afiq Feisal said...

To Abi: That question is a FEED from Gizmodo.. surely you knew that?

To Chiee: A booger-sized frog? Is that a mini-booger or a phat-ass booger?

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what's Gizmodo. LOL.