Friday, March 20, 2009

Disappearance? I'm back!

Again, I was gone for a few days. *smackhead* This time it was because of my metal rig. The computer received a BSOD while loading Windows Vista Home Premium. Unable to get past loading since that. So until now I am using my mom's MacBook to achieve my daily dosage of Internet.

Today I sent the rig to a reliable shop/service centre in Digital Mall. Tempted to buy and install a Nvidia GeForce 9800GT, but I'm not heavy into computer games anymore and a GeForce 8600GS is better than most.

Browsed a few phone shops with my dad, since he wants a new phone. He's eyeing the iPhone 3G, Blackberry Storm, T-Mobile G1 w/Google, and a few cheap Sony Ericsson 3G phones. I can't help but drool at the phones.. especially LG Cookie. What? I already have a LG Cookie! No, mine is anodized silver and the Vandyke brown and black colour is just so.. sexy. The colours - it redefines the revolution of touchscreen phones!

We wanted to buy a new mountain bike (trailbike, to be specific) so we headed to Bikepro after that. There are tons of Scotts in the store, and the frames are nice too. Banshee Pyre has got to be the best frame in there. We didn't get any layanan because of the huge number of bikers in the store, so we headed to Joo Ngan in Uptown.

Getting either a Trek Fuel Ex 6.5 or Gary Fisher Hi-Fi Pro. They cost RM7,500 and RM6,500 (+/-) respectively. I'm still keeping my GT Backwoods as a cross-country bike and my Giant XtC Team as a dirtjump bike, but I might get a Scott Voltage YZ frame. It's really cheap, only RM500 second-hand provided I sapu the deal first!

The Trek Fuel EX 6.5

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