Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life Snippets #25: New Mountain Bike

Finally, I've got my new bike. It's a Commencal, by the way. Decisions were hard. Should I get a Scott Voltage YZ 0, a Da Bomb Tora-Bora Dirt, or what? Until I went to KSH Cycles.

Today is my paternal grandma's birthday, so my family headed to a cake shop in Taman Tun to get, well, a cake. If you read my second last post, I mentioned about getting a new bike, but that was my dad's. Conviniently we went into KSH to take a look at the bike frames and complete built-up bikes. Dad wanted a trailbike but was instantly eye-glued to the Norco Atomik, a full-suspension downhill bike complete with a RockShox Boxxer World Cup dual-crown fork, at a relatively cheap price of RM7,000. Cheap, considering it came with a champ's dual-crown fork, a Manitou shock, and other whatnots such as a pair of Kenda Nevegals 2.35 and other crap which would cost well more than RM10,000 if bought separately.

In the past few days I had noted my parents that I'd like to buy a dirtjump bike, or the frame at least. Weren't interested in buying any dirtjump from KSH (there were only 3-4 models), until suddenly I spotted a salsa red colored bike with an unmistakable dirtjump frame. It was only RM2,990, tolak RM300 jadi RM2,690. Because it was so cheap, it has good parts, and my whole family likes it (red colored bikes are nice). It comes complete with bombproof (they meant UNDESTRUCTIBLE) frame and rims, SRAM/Deore groupset, Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic disc brakes, and dayumm! They set off to servicing and properly checking the bike before use by the new owner (me).

Then I realized, that dirtjumpers need either a bowl/skate helmet or a full-face helmet. I can't wear skate helmets because I am wearing glasses and it's not very reliable for us four-eyed. The cheapest full face helmet was the SixSixOne Strike, and it came in a red/black color combination. This one costs RM400, but heck - safety first!


A few guys from my favorite thread in Lowyat.Net which is Mountain Biking Heaven decided to get together tomorrow (in 5 1/2 hours, to be precise) at 8am to go and hit Kiara trails. They invited me and I was anxious anyway to try out my new bike in it's proper environment.

Just now I called up Irfan who just came back from Singapore last night, and I told him that I got a new bike and a full-face helmet. He was like, "YOU LIAR! DON'T TRY TO FOOL ME, DUDE" and I can't help but laugh, which made him think I was joking even more. So I said "You come see lah". And in 5 minutes he arrived at my house at around 12:50am, driving his dad's Toyota Hilux (with permission).

He kept on chanting "LIAR, LIAR" all the way to the door until I opened the door and he saw the bike and his reaction was *mouth gapes open*. He went "Holy crap, this is such a sweet bike! Hydraulic brakes! Great fork! Oh man.. is that your new helmet? What the hell.."


bo093 said...

I smell a child with a rich parents.
A nice bike to have.
You have to test it out at PCP Dirt Jump Park.

Your bike is red. Correct right?
My bike is red.
My bro bike is red.

Can be red colour gang.

Sity said...

Mana ada rich.. if I was rich I will buy the higher end DJ bikes like Commencal Absolut CrMo, BlkMrkt Riot or what.. stay at budget, c'mon la basikal aku sudah lama dei.

Tested out at Kiara.. not as 'DJ-ed' as PCP but handles the drops there well.

Your bro using the Banshee Morphine? Tak jadi sell the bike?