Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life Snippets #26: Kiara Group Ride with LYN Members

Today had been a really fun day. Last night Maxguy had alerted everyone in LowYat.Net's Mountain Biking Heaven thread for a ride in Kiara today at 8am. I woke up at 7:48am, and I was hesitating - should I go? Am I too late to get prepared and reach there?

I quickly got into my preferred clothes for cycling, put in a spare shirt, granola bars and iPod in a small backpack, fixed a bottle cage on my bike, had a quick breakfast, grabbed my gloves and helmet and hit the road at 8.12am. I pedalled fast out of the 'hood, Cineleisure, IKEA, my school, One Utama, those big Taman Tun bungalows, through a neighborhood, out on another main road, pedalled faster uphill, past a more bungalows, past Devi's Corner, and reached the meeting point - in front of KSH Taman Tun.

While I approached the group already hanging out in front of KSH I could see NS - riding his Da Bomb Sputnik. He introduced me to everyone and each other. BTW, we call each other by our online forum names. Maxguy brought this Giant Glory, Scotty had his Jamis Dakar, Snapshots brought his new BH Expert. Then we pedalled all the way up the long, arduous tarmac climb to the crossroads on the jogger's hill.

We rested for a while at the pondok, and rolled into 2k. The trail was smooth and flowy. Soon we came back out, rested for about 15 mins while watching about 30 or so other bikers already hanging out on the crossroads. Here, I can see many downhill riders with their dual-crown forks and full-face helmets, etc. Its like a freakin' convention.

Went back into 2k loop in reverse order, entered the Apollo trail, negotiated a drop, and after some time back out onto the jogger's tarmac. Another uphill tarmac climb, then back to the crossroads, and into Carnival we go. Initially I wanted to go to Twin's Peak to check out what's all the downhiller's fuss about, but we went straight into Carnival instead and joined the downhill descent track used in Kiara Downhill Domination races.

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