Friday, March 27, 2009

Selangor Mountain Bike Race & Mattel Warehouse Sale

This Sunday at Sungai Buloh, there will be an event called Selangor Mountain Bike Race. Don't expect any big-air stunts, as this is a cross-country race and not a freeriding contest a la Crankworx Slopestyle. My dad is joining, so by default I will be there too, joining the event for the Open Category.

My race is 25KM long through Sungai Buloh/parts of Kepong and will probably be very tiring. Better check on my own bike to see that everything is in tip-top condition.

Check out the website here.

Mattel Warehouse Sale. Probably the hottest warehouse sale of the month. I did not manage to go to school yesterday (it is 12:55 at time of blogging, and I had to be correct) so I went with my mom to the warehouse sale at Atria, Damansara Jaya. Today is the first day, and it opens at 10am. I went in at about 10:40am and already MOST of the good Hot Wheels are gone!

I grabbed a large empty box and started stuffing. Over a course of 2 hours of squeezing and body contact with at least a thousand other shoppers (not joking!), I managed to come up with a nicely filled cardboard box. Got around to getting most of the good stuff such as nearly the whole series of Volkswagen California Cruisin', a G-Machine '67 Chevy Nova, several Since 68 cars, two Monster Jam trucks, two Racing Rigs, two Speed Racer cars, a Speed Racer R/C car, six Matchbox playsets, and 3 Hot Wheels racing track sets. I'm stocking up on my toys (I am a collector). I chose some Cars themed toys for my bro, and my mom chose some Barbies and Polly Pockets for my sis.

The baby (Fisher Price brand) section was hilarious. The products are strewn on plastic card tables like in mamak shops, and the products I am talking about are almost gone. Every single mother there was shouting to the workers to open up another crate. It's as if Mattel is giving away free stuff! All the noise like you've never heard it before. A woman was standing on a table to get attention from the workers. The rest were shouting and pointing at crates in which they think that they can find the desired item.

Mom 1: "Bang, tolong ambilkan My First Steps baby walker tu!"
Mom 2: "Hello, hello, can open up that box and see if got the Pop-On Blox or Jr. Baseball set?"
Worker: "Sabar, sabar, jangan rebut, ada lagi 2 kotak kat belakang!"

Things really went out of hand went several impatient mothers managed to collapse some card tables on the floor, thus a whole crowd of greedy baby-toy hunting moms stampeded into the 'workers only' area and started to rip open boxes. Some of the workers even videotaped those 'hungry' customers!

Next, time to wait in line to the payment counter. The line was snaking and there were 2 u-turn bends in the line I lined up in. It took 2 hours to reach the counter, no kidding! In between the wait time I went to buy a drink while my mom jaga the stuff, then go check if got any other stuff turn up.. it was a seriously long wait. In the end, we managed to reach the cashier and we heaved several heavy plastic bags to the car park.

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